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The air conditioning system doesn't work?
Does the engine overheats too much?
Do water pumps work harder than they should?

All these problems can be caused by marine fouling. 


Each boat during the navigation draws sea water from the sea outlets: this is then channelled into the pipes of the water-sea circuit of the boat and carries with it "impurity" slag as particulate, marine vegetation, microorganisms, mussel particles, dog's teeth , etc.
These "impurities" are precisely defined as "marine fouling" and can cause incrustations which consequently reduce the diameter and the flow rate of the cooling, refrigeration or air conditioning pipe, damaging them and compromising their functionality.


To solve this problem Tecnoseal, in collaboration with Guidi srl, one of the leading companies in the world of naval accessories, has developed a new anti-fouling kit. The kit consists of

  • power supply unit
  • filter with gatherer
  • copper anode

In practice, the electrolytic reaction generated by the power supply unit connected to the anode causes the release of the metal ions of the latter which, transported by the water flow, create a biocidal environment inside the filter and the entire hydraulic circuit. In this way the fouling formation is prevented from the beginning.
The kit power supply unit also works at low voltage and can be installed either as a stand alone component or integrated into the main control panel of the boat.

The anti-fouling system can also be installed in the sea chest or in the box coolers and although it was created mainly for megayachts and developed for the construction sites that produce them, it can be custom made for installation on medium sized boats (over 10 meters) even during storage.
More independent hydraulic circuits can also be controlled by a special modular power supply installation.

The advantages of the anti-fouling kit are therefore:

  • efficiency
  • the possibility of customizing it completely according to your needs
  • the interfaceability with the on-board system for remote control
  • the ease of installation
  • the minimum maintenance required (you need it only to periodically replace the anode)
  • the fact of having a low cost both in operation and in spare parts


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